Let's stop wasting time in lines!

Tem Fila? is a collaborative network that allows users to share information about places and its waiting time.

How does it work?

The interface allows to filter places by:

  • Geolocation

  • Type

  • Waiting time

The locations are sorted by colors according to the waiting time:

  • Very fast Very fast
  • Fast Fast
  • Moderate Moderate
  • Long Long
  • Very long Very long

Wanna know how long is the waiting time?

Look for places and check in real time!

Check it out!


The app Tem Fila? is avaliable for download in Apple Store and Google Play Store.

To collaborate with our proposition, send us a message: contato@temfila.com.br. Your comments and suggestions will be useful to improve our app. Let's stop wasting time in the line.

Who we are?

Meet the team behind Tem Fila?


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