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Brazil has the highest smartphone penetration in Latin America (US MEDIA CONSULTING, 2014). Total of 35,6 million (IDC, 2013)

3 in 10 brazilians have smartphones (Abinee;2014)

It is already a habit!

60% say that they always use the devices during waiting situations, such as lines and traffic. (MOBILE REPORT-IBOPE, 2013)

It’s a Trend!

For generation Y and Z, the mobile phone and the internet are indispensable items in their lives. 82% has the smartphone as a priority. (GERAÇÃO Y E Z - IBOPE MEDIA, 2011)
Brazil will be the 4th world market for smartphone by 2016. ( IDC, 2013)


Survey of 180 people indicates that the three biggest problems faced in their leisure time are:

  1. Wasting time in lines
  2. Parking
  3. High prices

88% have already given up going somewhere because of the waiting time.

*Electronic survey carried out in July 2013 with 180 residents of São Paulo.


Tem Fila? is a collaborative network that allows users to share information about places' waiting times.
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